Best Roofing
in Jacksonville
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We offer a wide variety of services from re-roofing a whole roof to a small partial repair.  No job is too small or large.  We will make sure Joe Turner approves each and every estimate and will be present on each job.   
Our materials are bought from local reputable manufacturers, assuring you of the highest quality.
Preventative measures can help you to save a lot of money in the future!  Call us for a free roof  estimate at (904) 993-2136.
Our services include:
   - Roof Replacement
   - Roof "Tune-ups"
   - Repairs
   - Wood Repairs
   - Vent Replacement 
   - Boot Replacement 
   - Waterproofing
   - Roof Inspections
We specialize in the application of:
   - Shingles 
   - Flat Modified
   - Tar and Gravel
   - Composition